Residential Demolition Perth

Brajkovich Demolition carry out hundreds of residential demolitions right across the metropolitan
area and throughout WA, we’ve probably been in your area before!
Our jobs range from full site demolitions in preparation for your earthworks and building stage; to
back yard clearances for subdivision. 2-3 storey houses and duplexes are no problem, and we
remove both fibre glass and concrete pools.

We are also licensed asbestos removalists and our expert team remove all asbestos from the house
or property before completing the mechanical demolition of the property.
We guarantee 98% recycling from the materials on our sites, carried out through a manual strip
where salvaged materials are transported to our Upper Swan Salvage Yard and then a mechanical
excavation where we take the machine through and screen the rubble into a recyclable
aggregate product.

We efficiently arrange the steps that need to be done in order to complete your demolition. This
includes the Demolition Permit Application to council, rat baiting, and arranging the disconnections
of services.

Our Supervisors and Machine Operators have been working with us for many years and have the
experience needed to make the first stage of your building process a smooth one!
For a quote please fill in the online form or email us We arrange our quotes
through online photo and mapping systems and can have it back to you within a few days.